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This is great.

However, I feel like "Puncturing" should be less about missiles and more general to accomodate other puncturing stuff (IE: Spear, ice pick, awl, needle, spike etc.). Or perhaps split up into "Puncturing" and "Missiles".

That's fair, yeah. Personally, I'd prefer to adapt the puncturing wound description on-the-fly to fit the damage source, instead of adding another category to the system. Maybe a "shot in the eye" wound with a spear means the blade came in at an angle, from the side of the head to the nose? Something like that.

Thanks for the message!

LOVE this supplement first off!
Secondly, a question.

When at Zero HP after the player receives a Horrible Wound, and takes another hit after that, do they just die, or do they keep getting Horrible Wounds till one kills them?

Because I've only been giving Horrible Wounds instead of a player going form positive to negative, while if they go from 0 to negative, they just die.



Hey there. Thanks for the message.

As always, whatever works for your table is the right way to go, but here's how I do it: 

  • There's no negative HP: whatever the damage you take, you can never go below 0. Being at 0 HP means any damage received is a new Horrible Wound. If the Wound rolled doesn't make sense, you get the next one on the list. In my experience, it's pretty dicey to survive more than two Wounds in the same fight.

This supplemental is the BEST. Not only does it help gruesomely detail what's happening to my players, it also helps with showing them what they're doing to their enemies for a bit of extra fun. Getting into doomed fights hasn't ever been so fun.